How were FM and AFM this March? You tell us…

Financial Management (FM)

Sitters struggled with section a and B, and felt section C was ‘dobale’.

There also seemed a lot of repetitive questions for some – with quite a few on factoring.

Another sitter felt like giving up an hour in and knows they need to do more theory next time if they fail.

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

Not many sitters liked this one! Why, asked one PQ does ACCA seem hellbent on throwing so many unnecessary curve balls into the exam?  They said just look at the pass mark for the exam it hasn’t changed for years.

Another sitter felt it was too time pressured and was just hoping the markers will take this into consideration. They said: “I thought I was sitting the wrong exam at one point!”

Yet another sitter said: “Nothing prepared me for a 20-marker on basis risk – absolutely nothing!”

An awful paper for many, but one student had picked up that ACCA are making the exams easier from September by adding 20 professional marks to all the option papers.

Yet more described the paper as “an absolute joke”, and “a horrible paper”.

In the Open Tuition instant poll 28% said the paper was a disaster and 35% said it was hard. Just 34&% found it OK.