How did TX, ATX and SBL go on Tuesday? Here’s what sitters had to say…

Taxation (TX)

Sitters said they found it a bit tricky. One poor student tested positive on the day of the exam and was very poorly: “Gutted after all that work”.

In the Open Tuition Poll some 58% of sitters said the exam was OK, with 25% finding it hard and 12% having a disaster.

Advanced Taxation (ATX)

There were mixed reactions to the March paper. Some thought it was OK while others said it was a disaster, as one student put it: “Everything I didn’t want to come up came up!”

Another third-time sitter wanted to know why the ACCA make questions unfairly difficult? “They should test us fairly rather than trying to catch us out.”

Meanwhile a four-time sitter felt the March sitting was “by far the nicest paper I’ve had, but somehow still not feeling confident.”

One PQ explained: “As expected, there were group issues, IHT, CGT, unincorporated businesses and a little bit of VAT. I also liked that there were some classic income tax calculations (namely benefits, redundancy payments etc.”

ATX was a disaster for nearly one in four March sitters (23%), according to the Open Tuition Poll. Another 35% found it hard and just 37% said it was OK.

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

A whopping 63% of SBL March sitters thought the exam was OK, according to the latest Open tuition poll. One in four (26%) said the paper was hard, but just 5% said it was a disaster for them.

One sitter actually called it ‘a nice paper’ and others said it was ‘fine’.

Sitters found Q3 on investment tough, and some admitted they were overwhelmed by the information provided. More straight-forward were the questions on risk and e-marketing.

A few students also have issues with screens freezing. One PQ explained:My exam froze when there was 15 min left and I couldn’t do anything other than click on the chat button. Someone called me via phone in the end, but was frustrating not to know if everything got submitted and saved accordingly.” Another said: “Same here. Answering in last question, the system is frozen and no responses from anyone of chat.”