ACCA March Exams – Days Three & Four feedback

Some UK students struggled to get to the exams through the snow, particularly on Thursday. However, all ACCA exam centres remained open and no exams were cancelled. So what did sitters think of what was on their screen…


Not too bad, was the general feedback here.  Some 13% found it a disaster and another 31% hard, according to the Open Tuition Instant Poll.


The Open Tuition Instant Poll saw 23% of sitters calling this sitting a disaster and another 42% felt it was hard, when we looked.

Some felt the MCQs were a lot harder this time around. Section B was deemed much harder than the mocks too. As one student said: “I am worried I may need to resit so might try to keep my memory fresh!”

Another sitter said it was a brutal exam and others called it horrendous and dreadful.


‘Very challenging’ is how many described the March sitting.

Another exam where 50% of sitters felt the exam was either hard or a disaster, according to the Open unition Instant Poll.

Segmental disclosure was a surprise for Q4 too.


One in five sitters said this March’s sitting was a disaster for them. The Open Tuition Instant Poll also had another third (34%) calling it hard! As one PQ said: “Hated it – 50% balanced scorecard, 25% performance pyramid and25% EMA.”

Another sitter said the exam wasn’t hard but there was so much to answer in such a short time.

There were some technical issues too for some. A PQ explained: “I had issue also for just over 15 mins and then it started to work. I have put in mit circumstances.” Another said: “I had a tech issue but was resolved, proctor said he could not see me, then i relaunched and he could then see me.”