ACCA PER scam comes to light

ACCA investigators have uncovered a scam for would-be members to get their practical experience training records signed off by a bogus supervisor.

PQ magazine has discovered that in 2021 the professional development team became aware that 100 ACCA trainees had claimed in their completed PER training records that their Performance Objectives (‘PO’) had been approved by the same supervisor.

During the course of the investigation a review of the available records was conducted. The review indicated that the PO Statements had been copied amongst a large number of the 100 trainees.

Feier Guo of Ningbo, China was one of those 100 and his case recently came before the Disciplinary Committee.

Guo had applied for membership on 25 January 2021. After initially accepting his application by email, ACCA shortly afterwards sent another email advising him that the membership acceptance email had been sent in error. This email explained that his application had been selected for a practical experience audit, and that he remained an affiliate.

The ACCA disciplinary hearing found Guo had in fact not achieved all or any of the performance objectives he claimed. It ordered him to be removed from the affiliate register and pay costs to ACCA in the sum of £7,500.