ACCA reminds students they have to sit an IT system test to sit June’s remote exams

Ahead of next week’s June exams, ACCA UK’s has been alerting its students of the need to complete a mandatory system test for their remote exam sessions.

Dorothy Wood from ACCA UK told PQ magazine: “It’s important this test is done by students to ensure their IT is compatible. Students can access this test through the online Exam Planner.”

Failing the system test means students will not have met the eligibility criteria to sit a remote exam and will therefore be unable to use the withdrawal option should they experience a technical issue on exam day.

Wood explained: “Doing the test is essential. If students haven’t done this test and if they experience technical issues on their exam day, they won’t be able to withdraw their exam or receive an exam credit. If they take the test and fail it, then they need to organise another option. So, this is a last call reminder for the mandatory test to be done. And of course, we wish everyone well next week.”

What does ACCA say students need to do:

You must meet the minimum requirements to successfully sit a remote exam – check that you meet them.

If you do not, for your exam, you may need to borrow a computer or laptop that does meet the requirements or do the exam in a location with a stronger internet connection. Remember, a wired connection is always more stable that Wi-Fi.

Do it today to ensure your eligibility and again, if you fail try in another location or with a different computer and use that computer/location for your exam.  This test must be carried out using the same device and in the same location you’ll use on your exam day. Your last system test result will count for withdrawal eligibility purposes, therefore if you choose to perform the mandatory system test multiple times you must ensure that your last test result is a pass to be eligible for a withdrawal.

The vast majority of students who meet the minimum technical requirements and pass the system test have a great remote exam experience. However, if unforeseen technical issues impact your ability to complete your exam you may wish to use our rebook or withdrawal post-exam options.  For more information on our post-exam options and the eligibility criteria please visit our post-exam options page 5. Post exam options | ACCA Global