ACCA SBL pre-seen review

Check out the key messages of the December pre-seen with ACCA SBL expert tutor, Sean Purcell, YouTube video:

SBL sitters will this time need to home in on cloud services company NCTech.

You will have to get a handle on your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS’s! Then there is the public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, and all the innovation that is coming down the track.

Make sure you look closely at the operational and financial KPIs too.

The ownership is interesting, with no single shareholder holding more than 10% equity, but in the last financial year there was an “unforeseen and significant fall in gross profit”. So, while shares have performed well for the last five years the downturn has affected the share price and unsettled share holders.

NCTech has some big risks to contend with, and security and technology are key. The cloud has to be there 26/7 and clients’ data must be protected.

But, let’s see what Sean says…