ACCA September exams – day five feedback

The MCQs for FM were deemed ‘pretty grizzly’ this time around with a ‘lots of potential answers’.

Other FM students found the MCQs variously ‘a bit’, ‘quite’ and ‘very’ tricky. One PQ wondered exactly what the examiner was thinking before creating them!

Another sitter said there was a lot of stock market theory questions and “some things that were probably came up in MA that I frankly didn’t remember”.

Those who got the lease v borrowing question in part C also struggled.

Overall, the exam was a mixed bag, explained a PQ “but I think it was passable”.

Meanwhile, in the Open Tuition poll for over one in five (22%), the September AFM exam was a ‘disaster’.  Yet, it was deemed difficult but fair.

And, that is it for the week. There were a handful of complaints about stiff keyboards and computers switching off over the week, but nothing on the scale of June. The ACCA Action Plan seems to have delivered – well done ACCA!