ACCA September exams – day two feedback

It’s TX, ATX and SBL on day two of the ACCA exams, and again it looks like the exams went by without a hitch.

There were lots of due dates to do in section A of the TX exam. However, many students finished with lots of time to spare – some with 50 minutes! The worry was that the exam was a little too simple. “That got me panicking,” admitted one sitter.

ATX was deemed OK if a bit lengthy. “I was pushed all the way by time,” explained one sitter. Another said: “I felt OK about the ATX exam, which is the first time ever I have felt this way about any ACCA exams.” However, the Open Tuition poll 21% said the exam had been a disaster and 35% found it hard. We will have to wait until 18 October to see if the pass percentages reflect the poll.

SBL was described as a ‘fair test’ and ‘not the hardest’. Those who got the fitness company struggled a bit, as there was little need for any financial analysis and calculations. “It was all a bit strange,” explained one PQ.