ACCA September exams – latest news

ACCA has made the decision (on 23 July 2020) to cancel September centre-based exams and to offer students the opportunity to take some of their exams by remote invigilation in the following locations: Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Pakistan, South Africa, USA and Uganda.

Currently, ACCA is planning for centre-based exams in all other countries, but due to Covid-19, it is obviously monitoring the situation closely.

Only students in these countries who have entered for centre-based exams before the standard entry deadline will have the opportunity to take their exams remotely this September. ACCA has reminded these students they need the necessary technology, equipment, and exam environment to sit the exams.

Anyone affected should have been contacted directly by ACCA. If you are unable to sit the exam remotely then you will have to wait until the December exam session.

The remote session September CBE 2020 timetable (Please note some exams will be available across both exam weeks, while some exam variants are not available at all):

Week 1

Mon 7 Sept – (AA, (AAA) INT, IRL, UK, (FTX) LSO, UK

Tues 8 Sept – (TX) UK, BWA, LSO, MWI, MYS, PKN, RUS, SGP, ZAF, ZWE, (ATX) UK, (SBL), (FFM)

Wed 9 Sept – (PM), (APM), (FAU)

Thurs 10 Sept – (FR), (SBR) INT, IRL, UK

Fri 11 Sept – (FM), (AFM), (LW) BWA, LSO, MYS, RUS, SGP, ZAF, ZWE

Week 2

Mon 14 Sept – (AA)

Tues 15 Sept – (TX) UK

Wed 16 Sept – (PM)

Thurs 17 September – (FR)

Fri 18 Sept (FM)

Note: DipIFR will not be available for students to take remotely in September. If you have booked DipIFR and your country exams are cancelled, you need to rebook in the December session