ACCA student fights back against the exam cheats

A student in China has reported a fellow exam candidate who they saw taking pictures of the exam questions on the computer screen. They told ACCA: “I think this behaviour has seriously violated the exam discipline and would create unfairness.” Worryingly the student said this was not the first time they have seen “such a phenomenon”, and is calling on ACCA to “pay more attention to resolved this serious problem”.

The student even found an exchange where the student had posted images of their CBE questions, and then asked for assistance in a WeChat group. ACCA was informed, and it tracked the cheating to one student, Chenhui Xu, who has subsequently been removed from the student register and ordered to pay costs of £5,680.

In another case, heard on a remote link, Hanxue Zheng was removed from the student registered and fined £5,000 after she was found in possession of unauthorised materials in the form of notes at her exam desk.

Sichuang Wang also took unauthorised handwritten notes to his exam sitting for FM. He was removed from the student registered and fined costs of £2,750.