Addressing burnout must be a priority

Professional burnout has to be addressed as a priority, according to the latest ACCA European Talent Trends survey.

In one of the largest ever studies of its kind over half (57%) of respondents stated that their mental health suffers because of work pressures, with over three-quarters (77%) saying they would like a better work-life balance.

One in two accountants said they would like more support from their organisations in managing mental health, and 39% claim their organisation does not consider employee mental health a priority.

ACCA said the data also suggests that younger people are more likely to say their mental health is suffering because for work pressures, and more likely to want more support from their employers.

The impact of work pressure was highest (63%) for those working for the Big 4 and mid-tier accountancy firms.

There is a stark difference in the way accountants across the generations are now working in Europe.

While almost two-thirds (64%) of Gen Z respondents are fully office based, but just 17% of Baby Boomers are now totally office based.

Although hybrid and remote working has gained significant traction in Europe, ACCA said there are areas where “significant evolution is needed to respond to engagement and productivity challenges”.

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