AI teething issues still there for accountancy

There are still some teething issues with the successful industry-wide rollout of artificial intelligence, according to new research from Dext.

In its latest report ‘AI and The Future of Accounting’ Dext says this is due to a lack of confidence and clarity to understand what AI is – a threat or an opportunity!

The report believes the ongoing debate on whether AI is here to take our jobs is going to rumble on for some time. However, it said a more pertinent concern is around AI’s use of data.

The authors of the report also said: “Excel was met with resistance when it was first introduced. And it has been a similar story for cloud accounting in more recent years.”

Interestingly, it is suggested that the more junior members of accountancy firms have more time on their hands! And, the type of work they do (the more mundane) means they are often best placed to spot efficiency saving.

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