Are ICAEW final exams to stay in July?

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The new ICAEW final level exam dates are out for 2024 and some students are disappointed they are still taking place in July and November.

PQ magazine ran a lead story in September 2022 asking if it was now ‘Too hot to sit exams in July’, after students were forced to sit exams in heat of 40+ degree Celsius. “That’s just not fair,” one ICAEW told PQ magazine.

As another student said at the time: “Global warming is not going away, and it is only going to get hotter.”

Students also wondered why the Advanced Level exams took place in July and November and weren’t six months apart. Those failing in November have to wait eight months to resit, while those sitting in the summer wait just four.

It has been suggested that ICAEW have totally disregarded students’ health and safety in favour of keeping the administrative status quo.

An ICAEW spokesman said that it will be consulting students, employers, and tutors about the future timings of the exams and the logistics about moving them. He said: “While we have the dates in for 2024 they may change.”