Are you future-ready?

Despite recent reputational damage the future of accountancy looks golden, says the ACCA in its latest report ‘Future ready: accountancy careers in the 2020s’.

Report author Jamie Lyon explains roles are changing more quickly than ever before, but accountants are more ready than most to benefit from the ‘zone of opportunity’.

ACCA has highlighted five zones where accountants can play a key role in taking a business forward:

  • Assurance advocates – using the available digital tools and technologies to transform the risk, audit, compliance and internal control landscape.
  • Business transformers – by transforming smaller practices to bring new value to clients.
  • Data navigators – act as strategic advisers and business partners, helping to develop and apply rich data sets and use emerging analytical tools.
  • Digital playmakers – act as technology evangelists, identifying the potential of robotics, machine learning and other emerging technology.
  • Sustainability trailblazers – help evolve frameworks that capture, measure and report on activities that truly drive value.