August CIMA case study pass rates are in…

The August CIMA case study pass rates have been released, and while the Operational pass rate jumped to 66%, both the Management and Strategic rates were down, to 69% and 58% respectively.

The SCS pass rate of 58% this time asround is the lowest it has been since August 2020, when it was 56%. CIMA has also introduced using the same case study over two sittings since then, and August is the second sitting. The MCS pass rate is back to August 2021 levels, with the 82% pass rate achieved in May 2022 seeming a million miles away.

However, on the plus side the OCS pass rate of 66% is very high, and not been bettered in over 10 sittings.

Stephen Flatman, Vice President, Examinations – Management Accounting, said: “I’m absolutely delighted by our candidates’ performance in the August case study exams. CIMA’s case study exams are very demanding, and passing them shows a high level of dedication from our candidates.

“Today’s business environment can be challenging, but equipped with the skills and knowledge they learned while studying for the CGMA Professional Qualification, these candidates will be well placed to seize the great career opportunities that are out there. I am very excited to see the things this excellent cohort goes on to achieve in accounting, business, and finance.

“We wish our candidates every success as they begin to build their careers in management accounting, and CIMA will continue to support them every step of the way.” 


                           August 2022     May 2022    Feb 2022    Nov 2021

Operational              66%                  62%            62%             52%

Management           69%                  82%             73%             73%

Strategic                  58%                  62%             72%            67%