Bahrain recognises AAT qualifications

Bahrain has recognised all seven of AAT’s qualifications, with the country’s education and training quality authority (BQA) aligned them with its domestic training framework.

Claire Bennison, AAT’s Executive Director of Customers, Partnerships, and Innovation (pictured) said Bahrainis completing an AAT qualification would rightly feel pride in their government’s affirmation of their new skills and knowledge. More than 6,000 Bahrainis have studied the AAT qualifications since it began offering them to learners in the Middle East in the 1980s.

She said: “This recognition by Bahrain’s qualifications watchdog will be welcome news for the thousands of Bahrainis who already have AAT qualifications, but also for those who are aspiring to join our dynamic, global profession. Learners now have the clear assurance that with AAT they will gain a qualification of the highest standard.”

AAT is now hoping more countries across the Middle East will follow Bahrain’s move.