Become a financial modeler

April 2023

ACCA has partnered with the Financial Modelling Institute to offer members its Advanced Financial Modeler Accreditation.

ACCA members will have the opportunity to obtain FMI’s Level 1 Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) exam, enabling them to differentiate themselves by demonstrating that they have the advanced financial modelling skills most valued by employers worldwide.

FMI is recognised globally for providing the most respected accreditations in financial modelling.

ACCA Chief Executive Helen Brand said: “This exciting accreditation marks the global gold-standard for financial modelling, so we’re delighted to be working with FMI on this. Through this partnership and by offering this qualification we’re supporting our members’ career success, as well as opening the door to connections with fellow professionals.”

ACCA members interested in obtaining FMI’s AFM accreditation can find more information and enrol at the ACCA Learning website.