CIMA Class of ’22

CIMA has now officially launched its Class of ’22. On offer is a 12-week free programme of learning support for any student at the Operational, Management or Strategic levels. It’s ideal for anyone studying for OT exams between September and November.

The programme contains more than 60 hours of support material, and includes a study calendar, webcasts, tricky topic tutorials, a dedicated Facebook group, free exam resist offer (see T’s and C’s) and a certificate of completion – Class of ’22.

You need to register with the programme before the deadline date of 31 August 2022 and then watch the recorded onboarding webcast by 9 September.

CIMA stressed that the programme is there to complement tuition, self-study or revision. It does not replace study of the technical knowledge (syllabus content) needed to pass CIMA exams.

The Class of ’22 follows on from the hugely successful inaugural programme, the Class of ’21. Interestingly the interactive programme runs for one week less, but there is more study material and support. The Class of ’21 also won PQ magazine’s Study Resource of the Year award in April, earlier this year.

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