CIMA earplug ban

A new requirement has been added to CIMA’s online exam requirements – no earplugs are now permitted during the exam. This is because “the invigilator may consider you are communicating with someone through them”.

CIMA has also added advice about the use of a laptop and mouse. You can use a PC laptop, including Mac. You may also use a mouse and an additional keyboard. You are not, however, permitted to connect to an additional monitor.

PQs must check the system requirements and complete a system check before scheduling the exam. Sitters need to use the location and equipment that they intend taking the test on, and check the equipment reaches the minimum requirement.

If the system test fails you should not schedule an exam until you can resolve the issue and pass the system test. If you have already scheduled you should cancel your exam (within the usual 48-hour cancellation period).