CIMA ‘P’ papers pass rates rise

CIMA PQs will be pleased to hear that those sitting the dreaded ‘P’ papers are achieving better pass rates, according to the latest pass rate data. Last time PQ magazine reported on the pass rates P3 it had slumped to 44%, but now it’s back up to 54%.

The P1 and P2 pass rates are also better this time out. P1 has jumped from 48% to 51% and P2 has risen from 50% to 51%.

The rates cover between 1 November 2020 and 30 November 2021 and show outside the ‘P’ papers the lowest pass rates are in F3 at 55%, and F2 with a pass rate of 57%. Then there is a big jump to E3 where 72% passed, and F1 with a 79% pass rate. E1 with 80% and E2 with 87% are the two papers with the best OT pass rates.

The case study pass rates also held up very well in August. Operational was back up above 50%, after the 46% pass rate achieved by May sitters.

Stephen Flatman, Vice President, Examinations – Management Accounting, said: “As another challenging year came to an end, I’m delighted to see that our students’ overall exam performance remains excellent. They’ve achieved some great results and have worked hard to progress their CIMA studies and achieve their career ambitions. Congratulations to all of our students who passed their CIMA exams this year.”


                                 August 21     May 21     Feb 21    Nov 20

Operational                    53%            46%          60%         53%

Management                 68%              69%           71%          74%

Strategic                        69%               68%           67%        69%