CIOT prize winners were…

CIOT outgoing resident Gary Ashford pictured with prize winners from the November 2021, May 2022, November 2022, May 2023 and November 2023 sittings for the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) examination, at the CIOT Admissions Ceremony held at Drapers’ Hall, in the City of London, recently.

The CIOT prize winners from the May and November 2023 were:

May 2023 CTA examinations: Owen Apedaile, Institute Medal; Samantha Townsend, Gilbert Burr Medal; Jessica Heinen, Victor Durkacz Medal; Hollie Parker, Spofforth Medal & Croner-i Prize; Mandar Bhusari, John Beattie Medal; Thomas Andrews-Faulkner, Ronald Ison Medal; Andrew Bywaters, John Tiley Medal; Cameron Murgatroyd, Wreford Voge Medal; Zoe Dixon, Ian Walker Medal; Jordan Kelly, Avery Jones Medal; George Apps, Chris Jones Prize.

November 2023 CTA examinations: Nicholas Skidmore, Institute Medal; Jack Saunders, Gilbert Burr Medal; Alex Gear, Victor Durkacz Medal; Isobel Kimber, Spofforth Medal; Zoe Dixon, John Beattie Medal; Paul Moth, Ronald Ison Medal; Shannon Goodwin, John Tiley Medal; Jessica Heinen, Wreford Voge Medal; William House, Ian Walker Medal; Shona Barker, Avery Jones Medal; Matthew Poole, Chris Jones Prize; Jack Saunders, Croner-i Prize.