Creating digital accountants

June 2020

Grant Thornton has launched a new ‘digital accountant’ pathway for its trainee intake.

The pathway will incorporate five new digitally-focused modules, alongside its traditional ACA accountancy qualification programme. The new modules have been specifically designed to develop technology, process, and data audit skills.

Delivered by BPP, the modules will cover:

• Big data.

• Data analytics and visualisation.

• Cyber security.

• Digital innovation and disruption.

• Ethical and legal matters.

The idea is to help address the digital skills gap in the audit market – although PQ magazine is not sure what this says about the state of the ICAEW’s current syllabus.

The modules will be in place for September’s 2020 intake and will be mandatory for all graduate and school leavers studying the ACA qualification in audit and tax.

Grant Thornton’s head of audit, Fiona Baldwin, said: “Our updated, bespoke accountancy trainee programme will provide our people with a qualification that incorporates relevant digital skills alongside the traditional requisite technical accounting knowledge.”