Don’t copy your course work in the CIPFA exam!

A whole group of CIPFA students have been found guilty of cheating in their online exams. The problem was that their scripts were an identical match to the course work material and workbooks. All five students came before the disciplinary hearing on the same day.

CIPFA student Nathaniel Coker has been suspended from the institute for a period of nine months after it was found he cheated in his SPF exam. Coker had used a desk with drawers for his online exam, in which he stored his course material and accessed this material throughout his exam. The committee also imposed a cost order against Coker.

Student Farah Said whose script matched that of the course work and some accountancy websites, claimed he had memorised whole chunks of the material. But, the committee did not believe him and he was expelled from the institute. Students Ifrsh Adam Omer and Farah Ibrahim were also expelled, while Paul Gitau was suspended from the institute for eight months.