Dyslexia first

Exchequer Accountancy has launched the UK’s first dyslexia-friendly tax return service for the self-employed.

The new service aims to reduce the number of people being fined by the HMRC for errors in their returns. Research found that over half (59%) of self-employed workers with dyslexia fill out their own tax returns, with a quarter admitting they struggle to understand how to approach the task.

Victoria Delafaille, MD at Exchequer Accountancy said: “Inspired by one of our own employee’s personal experience with dyslexia, she challenged us to rethink the way we deliver tax return service. Her brother is dyslexic and had struggle with his tax return for many years, so we spotted the need for a more inclusive service.”

To access further information visit https://tinyurl.com/yx2tmgvh