Embracing edtech

December 2020

Mark Mckenna explains why you should utilise all the benefits online learning can bring – even if it’s not your preferred way to study.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges and training providers have needed to adapt quickly to minimise disruption to their courses and apprenticeships. As a result, many students are now learning exclusively online – even though this may not have been how they wanted to study.

With uncertainty and disruption set to continue, and face-to-face contact increasingly limited, it’s important to actively embrace technology to help ensure you get the most out of your accounting course or apprenticeship.

I have some suggestions on how edtech can help greatly with your studies and exam preparation, as well as helping keep you connected to the outside world.

Teaching on demand

Access to high-quality online tutorials is one of the major edtech benefits for students, with key concepts and teaching available on demand. Ask your college or training provider what you are able to get access to, including seeing whether any scheduled online classrooms can be recorded. Having high-quality teaching on demand means you can revise whenever it’s most convenient for you, and without needing to lug any textbooks around.

Practice, practice, practice

If your digital learning platform includes online quizzes, then seize the opportunity to use them on a regular basis. Practice is essential for any subject, but particularly accounting – make sure that you’re practising questions as much as you can. If there are questions you are having particular trouble with, then make a list of them and put together your own quiz which tackles those topics you find tricky.

Seek out variety

Alongside the resources provided by your college or training provider, there are a wealth of resources available online, which can provide variety and new insights into a particular accounting topic or concept.

For example, the AAT’s own learning portal contains plenty of e-learning resources, including key calculations, videos, green light tests, and practice assessments.

Staying connected

If you’ve already finished your lessons, it doesn’t mean you need to cut contact with your tutor. Make sure you reach out to them when you have any questions or need support in a particular area, even if your lessons have already been completed. Don’t forget your classmates too; be sure to stay in touch with them by forming email and/or Whatsapp groups for support.

Lastly, it goes without saying that exams are stressful, so take care of your mental wellbeing. Make sure you get enough time away from studying to get plenty of sleep, exercise and time with friends and family (choose video calls over texting where possible). And remember, we’re all in this together, so do also stay connected with your tutor and fellow students as you figure out the best way to make the most of edtech and your new learning journey.

• Mark Mckenna is the founder and Managing Director of Mindful Education.