Exams marked by AI is coming

How would you feel if your professional accountancy exams were marked using AI, asked VIVA Financial Tuition’s Hugh Martin (pictured) recently.

He said he didn’t think any tutor or lecturer jumps out of bed at the prospect of marking essay scripts: “although it is incredibly important work, it can be tedious and repetitive”.

Martin feels that AI marking exams and providing feedback is coming, especially since many professional accountancy papers collected typed inputs which are easy for AI to analyse. He explained services already exist for this.

The potential benefits of AI include less subjectivity, faster delivery and lower costs. However, the worry is that the depersonalisation of the process will annoy the exam-taker. – you the PQ

Philip Meagher said: “This raises a much bigger question. If AI can correct a question on Interest Rate Swaps, then AI can perform Interest Rate Swaps, in which case the accountant needs to adapt to stay relevant. The real question should be whether what we are assessing is still relevant in an age of AI.”