EY maintains investment in young talent

EY has ‘welcomed’ a total of 1,048 graduates and apprentices in the UK this year, reinforcing its commitment to invest in and nurture young talent.

This compares to 1,011 graduates and apprentices hired in 2019.

Some 854 graduates and 194 apprentices have joined 14 EY offices. Edinburgh, Hull, Luton, Reading and Southampton have seen particularly strong intakes on last year.

In line with EY’s commitment to recruit a diverse pool of talent, some 43% of recruits were female (up of 39% in 2019), 41% are from an ethic minority background (up from 38% last year), and 3% of students are Black.

Hywel Ball, EY UK Chair, said: “I’m proud that we’ve maintained our commitment to student recruitment this year, despite COVID-19, and that we’ve honoured all the conditional offers we made prior to A-level results. At a time when many young people are facing a challenging labour market, our apprenticeship, graduate and internship programmes provide students and school leavers with a great opportunity to gain real hands-on experience, while also enhancing their skills and gaining a qualification.”