Get ahead with Xero Certifications and Badges – for FREE

March 2021

Xero qualifications offer a unique combination of education and employability – and PQ has got together with Xero to offer them to you for free.

Unlike any other accounting software provider or platform, Xero now offers a mix of education opportunities that benefit PQs, training providers and, ultimately, employers. Our mission is to help you become the best you possibly can, as efficiently as you can.

Demonstrate your abilities

Xero Advisor Certification is the core way for accountants and bookkeepers to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of using Xero in practice. Originally, this was only available to those already working and using Xero – but now that’s all changed. Advisor Certification has opened up opportunities for anyone with ambitions to work in this new world of cloud accounting.

Taking around eight hours to complete, the course consists of a complete pack of self-paced e-learning modules, getting to grips with cloud fundamentals and an introduction to the Xero platform. Completing this certification doesn’t just show a commitment to working in the industry, it saves employers hours in training new joiners on unfamiliar software – it’s good all round.

All you need to do is to visit Xero Advisor Certification and create a Xero login, choosing PQ magazine as the organisation, and you are ready to start your learning journey.

We’re also very pleased to announce that you are now able to continue with your learning, again for free. It’s highly recommended that you complete the Advisor Certification first but then you can continue on to Payroll Certification, App Advisory Badges, Security, Hubdoc and Xero Tax. This pack of eLearning takes about 10 hours and details will follow in the next PQ magazine, so don’t miss it.

This is all fantastic for digital skills and employability; with Xero Certifications in very high demand we have seen hundreds of students gain employment in both practice and industry since launch.

As 83% of accountants in practice believe understanding technology is now as important to them as understanding accountancy, tech knowhow is now a higher priority than ever before (Xero research with Censuswide 2016).

Changing the face of education

Last year, we unveiled Xero Learn – a brand new way for training providers to introduce cloud accounting to their students and deliver a digital skills agenda. This unprecedented shift creates a more flexible way of teaching and learning as both tutor and student have access to a full, live version of Xero wherever there’s wi-fi – so, they can use it on any device, anywhere, any time – and it’s all backed up in real-time.

Students learn using real life business simulations, and tutors have greater control and creativity than ever before. They’re able to create, and view progress on, in-Xero exercises and manage their students’ access to Xero. So, it’s not just a chance for their students to get a broader education but for tutors to add another string to their bow.

We’re excited to see the first wave of students successfully passing the ‘Using Accounting Software’ module of their AAT and ICB qualifications – using just Xero, a ground-breaking achievement.

Everyone’s a winner

No matter where you are on your accountancy and bookkeeping journey – just starting out, sharing your knowledge or growing your practice – you can benefit from these initiatives.

If you’re learning the ropes and making yourself stand out to potential employers, you have the opportunity to shine – demonstrating a thirst for knowledge and an understanding that the world of accountancy is evolving.

If you’re bringing on this new generation of accountants and bookkeepers, Xero can provide all the tools and support you need to successfully train them in cloud accounting, gaining genuine experience, not just hypotheticals.

If you’re bringing new blood into your practice, you can look out for candidates with Xero Certifications or accounting software qualifications through recognised training providers – you’ll be hiring the cream of the crop.

Where else can you find that combination of qualification, added value and employability? Zoe Robinson, Director of Learning for Kaplan UK said: “Whilst knowledge of accounting concepts will always be important, the Xero Certification course gives our students a practical understanding of the impact cloud accounting technologies has on the profession – and helps them better apply their knowledge to add value to their clients.”

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