Graduate salaries start to soar

Graduates in the UK will be entering one of the strongest job markets for many years, as vacancies for graduates’ surge and salaries are pushed up.

New data from Adzuna shows grad pay is up 7% compared to a year ago, with the number of grad vacancies up nearly 60% compared to May last year.

Just over 14,500 job adverts were posted in May for graduates compared to under 10,000 in May 2021. The salaries on offer are a six-year high with average pay rising from £24,389 in 2021 to £26,076 in 2022.

Adzuna’s Paul Lewis said: ““Despite the negative headlines, plenty of sectors remain desperate for talent and looking to grads to fill those gaps. It’s a welcome piece of good news for the Class of 2022, who battled remote learning and pandemic pressures over the last two years.”

CityAM recently reported that JP Morgan was offering fresh graduate’s salaries of £70,000 a year and rivals Barclays are offering £50,000.