Here comes CA24

ICAS is planning to launch its new CA24 syllabus this April.

The plan is to embed technology into the qualification and put more emphasis on non-technical skills, such as complex problem solving and professional scepticism.

There will be core modules where student will have to build on their understanding of double entry bookkeeping skills by preparing accounts using Xero accounting software

Data risk and technology and the use of dashboards to communicate meaningfully with clients will also be there in the Data Analytics and Insights module. Ethics and the use of AI is being built into the final level Professional Ethics course.

In the new ICAS qualification all student will ‘enjoy’ sustainability integrated throughout the mandatory curriculum modules. So, they can “glean a true understanding of the cross-cutting nature of sustainability”.

In addition. At Skills – Elective level, students must choose to do one of four electives. Sustainability for Accountants being the option for those who want to learn even more about sustainability.

ICAS also offers a three-tiered general sustainability CPD courses, as well as shorter, topic specific training.