Humane launches Ai pin

California-based company Humane has launched Ai Pin, which some experts are saying is the beginning of a new age for personal technology!
Designed by ex-Apple employees the pin is a cross between a pager, chatbot and lapel pin!
The makers say that the Ai Pin marks a new beginning for personal consumer technology, offering users “the ability to take AI with them everywhere in an entirely new, conversational and screenless form factor”. The more excited reviewers have compared it to a communicator badge from Star Trek!
A standalone device, which is powered by AI, is controlled by your voice, gestures, or by a projector that beams a set of controls onto the palm of your hand. The front-mounted camera can take pictures and videos.
The Ai Pin can also act as your foreign language interpreter and support your nutrition goals by identifying food using computer visio, says the husband and wife team who created it.
The pin costs $699 plus a $24 a month subscription, and clips onto your short or jacket!