June 2022 ICAEW Professional results are here…

Three ICAEW professional level papers is still the optimal number of papers to sit if you want to pass them all first-time, according to the latest stats. Some 76% of those ACA PQs who sat three papers in June passed all three this time around. This compares with 66.7% of summer sitters who sat one paper and passed it.

In all some 6,799 students entered the June session, with 12,321 exams attempted and 4,801 sitters passing all the exams they took. In all just over 1,000 PQs now move on to the final level.

Two students bravely sat 4 papers. One failed all the papers they sat and the other passed just one of the four!


Audit and Assurance: 77.6%

Business Planning: Banking: 77.5%

Business Planning: Insurance: 82.9%

Business Planning: Taxation: 81.8%

Business Strategy and Technology: 90.2%

Financial Accounting and Reporting (IFRS): 73.9%

Financial Accounting and Reporting (UK GAAP): 81.8%

Financial Management: 79.3%

Tax Compliance: 77.6%