Junior employee makes his case

A former junior employee of KPMG, who is accused of pasting additional text into documents to mislead inspectors looking at the firm’s Carillion work, told a tribunal as an unqualified accountant of minority ethnicity it was hard for him to challenge instructions from more senior colleagues. He cited “the trust he placed in his seniors, which is an essential part of his training in the hierarchy.”

Pratik Paw is one of six former KPMG employees accused by the FRC of conspiring to create false documents. Judgement in this case is due very soon.

KPMG’s CEO Jon Holt said: “I very much regret that individuals involved in this case failed to act properly or to call out the inappropriate behaviour of others, and I am saddened that some relatively junior former members of staff are facing very serious regulatory sanctions at an early point in their careers.”

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