Mindscape platform launched

Deloitte and ParalympicsGB. have launched a new digital experience ahead of Paris 2024. Mindscape allows you to get into the mind of a real Paralympian.

You even get to choose your avatar and complete tasks, all while you learn about the challenges around accessibility the lived experience of disabled people.

Deloitte’s Mark Lillie, partner and UK sports industry lead, said: “Technology can have a huge impact on the way people engage with sport, whether spectating or playing. From adaptive equipment to virtual reality training programmes and immersive storytelling experiences, technology is working to level the playing field to make sport more accessible and inclusive than ever. As Paris 2024 approaches, we are looking forward to seeing how our Mindscape platform can help to change how people perceive the experience of Paralympians and increase the visibility of disabled people.”

For more go to: https://www.themindscape.co.uk/app/Mindscape?mode=ParalympicsGB