More AAT mocks please!

AAT’s Student Advisory Groups have been a massive hit, with both the AAT and the students involved.

Real communication channels have been opened, and students on the advisory groups have been given real power to change things.

There are three groups, for levels 2, 3 and 4 and the big thing that came out of the last set of meetings is a need for more mock exams and better feedback with exam results. Currently there are two mocks on the AAT platform, students say four would be better! AAT promised it would be looking to see if it could make these proposals a reality.

The last meeting in the series took place at AAT HQ, and with the first set of volunteers will be retiring soon AAT will be looking for new members (so watch this space).

*The AAT Student Advisory Groups recently won the PQ magazine Editor’s award at the 21st ceremony (pictured).