New ICAEW insights podcast

ICAEW has launched ICAEW Student Insights podcast, hosted by Jag Dhaliwakl ACA.

The aim of the podcast is to broaden your knowledge to help PQs become a better-rounded professional, as it covers the topics you need to know to get ahead in the workplace. And, its relevant for all accountancy students.

Find the first episode here:

In this first episode Dhaliwal discovers how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are influencing the work of accountants.

The episode covers:

  • The current and anticipated applications of new technologies in accountancy.
  • The evolving roles and responsibilities of accountants as a result.
  • The need to apply professional scepticism to new technologies.
  • How accountants can continue building their skills and knowledge around technology.

Dhaliwal gets the inside track across these topics from two sector experts: Daniel Clark, business trainer and writer, and Fay Bordbar, Global Digital Skills Lead at Mazars.