No third-party help allowed!

The ACCA rules for remote invigilated exams are clear – no other person is allowed to be present in the room when you take the test!

Failure to comply with these rules can come at a heavy cost.

ACCA student Muhammad Kamil Zahid recently found this out to his cost and has been fined £7,400 and removed from the student register when he was caught receiving help with his on-demand MA Management Accounting exam.

The disciplinary committee was shown video and audio surveillance of a person wearing spectacles, who present alongside Zahid before the exam started. However, there were a number of passages in the video which made it clear that a person was still there after the exam had begun. For example, a shadow could be seen at one point, and also a reflection in Mr Zahid’s glasses. The video also showed Mr Zahid apparently interacting with someone out of the camera’s vision. The soundtrack recorded whispered remarks.

ACCA student Saffia Ali Haider was also found guilty of a similar offence in February 2022.