Robots could cut lawyer numbers in half

A shocking new report from the Law Society claims that by 2050 AI will take over many of the job current done by junior professionals.

In models created by researchers the most ‘disruptive’ predicted in 30 years’ time there will be 50% fewer jobs around for lawyers.

The report, ‘Images of the Future Worlds Facing the Legal Profession’ reveals that in the 12 months to the end of July 2019 the number of solicitors with practising certificates reached 146,953.

However, the report revealed that the number of law practices was already falling before the pandemic hit. Since 2009 the total of private practice firms has fallen by 10% to 9,339. It said high-street firms were most at risk of disappearing.

There is some radical stuff in the report. Law Society director of strategy, Kion Ahadi, suggested that by 2050 “Lawyers could find themselves having information and knowledge implanted directly into their brains.”

This is something Elon Musk’s Neuralink is ‘testing’.

You can read the report at: file:///C:/Users/graha/Downloads/FW2050-images-facing-legal-profession-report-June-2021%20(2).pdf