Small businesses get AI-powered analytics courtesy of Xero

Xero has unveiled Analytics Plus, part of a new suite of planning and forecasting tools, powered by artificial Intelligence.

Xero Analytics Plus combines cash flow forecasting featuring advanced predictions and insightful business tools. The tools are the culmination of rigorous testing and development with the broader Xero community over the last two years.

All Xero customers can try Analytics Plus for free up until 31 January 2022. Once the free period ends, the standard pricing will apply. More information on pricing can be found here. 

Xero has also officially released Analytics, a free tool for all Xero Business Edition subscribers that combines the existing short-term cash flow tool, which visually projects cash flow over 30 days, and business snapshot tool, providing up to date insights on their business performance. Since their initial release in pilot last year, the cash flow tool has been redesigned with an all-new look and the ability to view future scheduled invoices and bills, while the business snapshot report can now be viewed on a cash or accrual basis.

Xero’s chief product officer, Anna Curson, said: “To truly grow and thrive, every business needs to have access to trusted, insightful data that helps them understand where they are now, make decisions for today and where they might be headed in the future.”