Start your AAT’s journey at the right level

The new AAT Q2022 syllabus is proving more challenging for many students than the outgoing AQ2016 syllabus, according to First Intuition’s Gareth John.
He said that much of the duplication of content and assessment has been removed, meaning that students now need to have a strong knowledge and understanding of fundamentals in order to succeed as the move on through the levels.
“It’s more important than ever that students start at the right level to ensure they succeed,” John stressed.

For instance, he pointed out that the new level 3 FAPS (Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements) paper relies on strong familiarity of double entry bookkeeping principles covered at level 2. Students starting FAPS without some previous experience of debits, credits, TB’s, suspense accounts and journals are finding it hard.

John felt students need to avail themselves of First Intuition’s free AAT level checker, which is a useful diagnostic to help ensure students can make a fully informed decision about the best level for them to start at.