Students are using AI to help write essays

May 2023

University students have admitted they wrote essays with the help of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence program, according to a new BBC report.

One Cardiff University 2.1 student even told a BBC reporter they have gained first class grades for the essays written by the chatbot.

Other Cardiff students said the AI has become part of their work process, and they will continue using it until they aren’t allowed to access it.

A Freedom of Information request to Cardiff University revealed during the January 2023 assessment period there were 14,433 visits to the ChatGPT site on the university’s own wi-fi networks.

For December recorded visits were zero. On hearing the news Cardiff University confirmed it was reviewing its policies and would be issuing new university-wide guidance shortly.

The ChatGPT isn’t perfect, however, as students revealed they still have to add the references.

Students said that change needs to happen because when it comes to coursework it is too easy to cheat with the help of AI. Some students are also worried that universities might be able to see transcripts of their communications with the AI networks in the future and take their degrees away.