The ACCA June exam feedback

ACCA June exam sitters have complained about the standard of some of the keyboards at exam centres.

One said: “The keys kept sticking down and inputting multiple letters sometimes. The ‘e’ and ‘t’ in particular. I told the invigilator and they swapped it for a worse one. What can you do!”

Another sitter had the same issue and was worried they just wasted so much time, it also added a lot to their stress!

Some PQs are still having technical issues too. We heard of sitters at home struggling, and an issue at the Whitechapel centre.

Turning the papers themselves, the June FM exam was described as savage, and over one in five sitters (21%) voting in the Open Tuition Instant Poll ticked the disaster box.

Sitters also struggled with the APM and ATX papers. APM was described as a difficult paper, and ATX was ‘very tricky’.

Meanwhile, AA and SBR were the OK exams this time around. SBR was even deemed to be a ‘a bit easy’ by some, but this didn’t stop students worrying about the eventual pass mark!

There will be lots of fingers crossed waiting for the results, which are released on 15 July.

Check out all the comments in the latest PQ: