The cost of Valentine’s Day

Millennials will be the UK’s highest-spending generation this Valentine’s Day, forking out £42 on average on their loved ones. Next in line are Gen X looking to ‘buy’ love with a mere £38. Baby Boomers will spend a cock and hen (£10) and Bobby Moore (Score – £20). The silent generation (born between 1928 and 1945) are the lowest spenders splashing out just £12.

And., don’t worry if you don’t have a valentine to buy expensive flowers for. There is always your work spouse! Some 46% of accountants have one apparently, according to 4Com. The research found that 81% of accountants find lifelong friendships at work. That makes them the friendliest occupation (nice). That said 19% admitted they bicker like a married couple, but 23% trust them with their secrets.