The Future of Tax – see you this week?

Queen Mary University of London and PQ magazine have joined forces to provide a free evening looking at the future of tax – and it’s on this Wednesday night!

Who doesn’t love tax? The current government certainly likes to play around with it!

The PQ team and a whole list of guests will be descending on the home of Queen Mary University on Wednesday 26 October to discuss how the government will tax us in the future and what the new priorities should be. Please come and join us.

The evening will start at 6pm, but doors will open at 5pm for networking. To sign up go to:

Among our top panel are ICAEW’s head of taxation policy Anita Monteith and ACCA’s Head of Policy, Technical and Strategic Engagement Glenn Collins. We also have Kaplan’s Neil da Costa and Makayla Combes from the Ad Valorem Group to answer your questions.

This event is supported by AAT, ACCA, ICAEW, CIPFA and the ICB.

Isn’t it time you got out a bit more!