The PQ Book Club: books you should read

How to Be A Well Being – Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day, Dr Andy Cope, Jim Pouliopoulos & Sanjeev Sandhu (Capstone, £10.99)

We are told it is time to ditch the old wisdom, and take life into our own hands if we truly want to be a well being! The authors (all three of them) provide 22 rules for life that ‘just work’. And, as we love numbers, we loved this concept. Among the rules are: #1 Life Isn’t fair, #6 Say ‘thank you’, and #15 Your Smart Phone is making you stupid. But, the rule that really caught our eye was ‘be more dog’.  Wait let us explain, this rule is all about abundance and scarcity. But to get there you have to get past three dogs and one dog bowl of food, and some water…

And don’t skip past the opening chapter ‘A Quick Word About Rule Breaking’, which explains life is a precious gift, so it makes sense to ensure your alive part is properly alive.

It is explained that ‘presenteeism’ is a business word that’s used to describe people who show up but go through the motions. Except ‘presenteeism’ isn’t just about work. It can apply to the rest of your 4,000 weeks (the 76 years you have here), say our authors, and that’s not good.

They may have created 22 rules, but before that they tell you it’s the rules that are the problem – just not their ones! What they really want you to do is re-imagine, re-engineer, re-think, and re-remember the rules.

Oh, and finally remember to beware the clocks, they are watching you. They are not ticking their time, they are ticking yours, so every second counts.

PQ magazine rating: 5/5 I hope you can tell we really enjoyed this one. It is well-written and couldn’t be timelier. We also loved the real-life examples and home truths. We are off to do some living…