The PQ magazine Book Club: The Bookkeeping Superhero

The Bookkeeping Superhero: From zero to hero: How to be the ultimate accounting sole practitioners by Natasha Everard (sponsored by AutoEntry, £9.99)

The first thing that strikes you when you receive this book is it’s size! But, it is a nice surprise – it’s bigger than your standard books. It is also only 50 pages long and written as if taking place across a working week.

It all means Natasha has written an incredibly accessible, insightful book, and it is no surprise to us that it was an Amazon Christmas number 1. She really can say she is a best-selling author now, and even beat Bookkeeping & Accounting for Dummies into second place.

Well, let’s see what happens on ‘Motivational Monday’? She starts with one the hardest questions: Who are you and why do you want to be a bookkeeper and work in accounting?

To be a successful bookkeeper Natasha thinks you need three ingredients: to be resilience, methodical, and adaptable.

Choosing the right name for your business is also key, and we loved her own story! She is now called Bewitching Bookkeeping, but before that she was NME Bookkeeping. Unfortunately, everyone thought she was saying ‘enemy bookkeeping’, and who wants to work with an enemy!

She also sets out the costs of setting up a business, all too often overlooked elsewhere.

‘Timing Tuesday’ looks at how a team of one manages to fit everything in! Using the right digital tools will be the key to success here – maybe it’s time to think of your software as just one of your employees!

We really liked the chapter on the nitty-gritty of the actual working day too  – ‘Workday Wednesday’. How are you with bunching tasks?

PQ rating 5/5 A must read for anyone starting out on their bookkeeping journey. If you don’t want to buy this great paperback (and you should) then it is free to download here: