The unbiased recruiter

Job-hunting PQs could soon be faced with a new recruitment robot, called Tengai.

The invention of Furhat Robotics and recruitment consultants TNG, the aim of the new robot is to create the first unbiased tool for the early stages of the recruitment process.

Tengai only records candidates’ speech, which it converts into text in real time. No other variables are involved, such as a person’s accent or the pitch of their voice, their looks or gender. Furthermore, Tengai does not know anything about the candidates. The only thing accessed is the candidate’s name and email address.

Tengai also has built-in social skills and will apologise if it interrupts the candidate, ask them to “take their time’ answering questions, and will gentle ask questions again if answers are vague and not to the point!

Some 80 interviews have already taken place and the vast majority of candidates described their encounter with the robot as warm, friendly and easy going. So not creepy at all!

TNG’s CEO, Asa Kallstromer, said: “The collaboration with Furhat will take unbiased recruitment to the next level.” He felt the new tool will help to increase diversity in the workplace.