Something went very right with the ACCA AAA exams this March, as the pass rate jumped to 38%. We haven’t seen pass rates like these since June 2015, when it was 40%. The worry will be that we get a repeat of what happened in the next exam in 2015 – the September pass rate slumped to 29%!

Sitters are still struggling with APM, with two out of three sitters failing in March. The pass rate was 33%, and it seems permanently stuck at this rate, despite all the resources ACCA puts into to helping students.

ATX and AFM had pass rates at 49% and 46% respectively this time around, and many students must be wondering why they didn’t choose these papers as their options.

Pass rates for the Strategic essential papers both hoovered around the 50% mark, with the SBL pass rate coming in at 52% and SBR 49%.

AA had the distinction of having the lowest pass rate of the Applied Skills paper, with a pass rate of 44%, this time around.

The PM pass rate jumped from 42% last time out (December 2023) to 45% in March. That is the highest PM pass rate since June 2010!

At 53% the TX pass rate was exactly the same as the March 2023 pass rate. The same is true of the 52% FR pass rate!

Meanwhile, the FM pass rate stayed nice and high at 48% (it is all relative).

Some 88,029 PQs entered the March sitting, with 102,626 exams taken. A total of 3,548 students finished all their exams and have become ACCA Affliates.

Commenting on the latest exam results, Alan Hatfield, executive director – content, quality and innovation, said: “IIt’s great to see a strong set of results from the first exam session of the year. We’re pleased to see so many students making progress towards their goal of ACCA membership and congratulate all successful students from the March session.

“We’re committed to supporting our students’ career success and for all students who are ready to move to their next exam, or for those who are resitting, we encourage you to make full use of the fantastic resources available including My Exam Performance, our Practice Platform and our new digital platform, the ACCA Study Hub. The ACCA Study Hub is designed to provide extra support for students and tutors, it gives exclusive access to ACCA study materials on the web and mobile. It streamlines revision, helping to increase understanding and maximise exam preparation.The Study Hub content has been proven to show an increase in student pass rates – meaning stronger exam performance and faster progress to qualification, especially when studying with an Approved Learning Provider.”

ACCA MARCH 2024 EXAM PASS RATES: TX 53%; FR 52%; PM 45%; FM 48%; AA 44%; SBL 52%; SBR 49%; AAA 38%; AFM 46%; APM 33%; ATX 49%

Photo with courtesy of Genesis Origo, an ACCA ALP