Time management still key to ACCA exam success

Time management is still the biggest problem for ACCA March exam sitters, according to an extensive poll from Open Tuition.

Some 44% of respondents (over 2,000 of them) said this was the top challenge of the first exam of 2021. Next biggest problem was ‘unclear language’, which at 15.6% was some way behind time management.

In third place was ‘syllabus coverage – in all 12% of sitters said this as their biggest gripe.

Interestingly, ‘I had no problems’ came in fourth with 9% of vote. Problems with remote invigilation (5%) and centre/location (3%) came near the bottom of the list.

Check out the poll at: https://opentuition.com/acca/.

When it came to the RI exams, most went without a hiccup. However, when things went wrong, they really went wrong for that individual! The lucky ones were able to rebook the following week, but some were devasted that they would be sitting in June.  As one PQ told us: “My exam has been cancelled after 2 hour wait! They said they couldn’t see my video even though I could see it at my end. I was left waiting for ages before someone even joined the chat. I spoke to ACCA and they’ve just said to rebook for next week.”

Another sitter said: “I’ve been waiting for 90 minutes, so pissed off right now. It says I’m next, then have a connection issue, then it takes me back 70 odd spaces. No communication from Pearson Vue, this is unbelievable.”

Then there were the students who loved the experience: “Much preferred remote. Relaxed morning with no drive and no parking issues. I had a lie in, shower. Lazy breakfast and quick scan of notes and then start…” They were joined by another happy PQ: “Done three remote exams with no issues. Don’t want to use a centre again. Love using the bigger screen and my own keyboard and mouse. As well as not having a 140-mile round trip.”