Time to update the ICAEW exam software?

ICAEW exam sitters want to know why they can’t open the word processing and spreadsheet areas side-by-side.

Currently it only splits on the right had side, with the word processing area on top and spreadsheet on the bottom.

It means exam sitters spend ages scrolling up and down between the cells and resizing windows to view information to provide the necessary commentary.

“It’s not very much like work at all, as they claim,” ventured one PQ!

As fellow students pointed out the system has been the same since the software was first released. “When are they going to update it,” some wondered.

ICAEW case study sitters have been surprised by the lack of functionality. As one PQ said: “Just baffling. The one thing accountants need are spreadsheets not Microsoft blooming word.”

Another student explained: “You can zoom out on the spreadsheet to 70-89% and still see fine, as well as hide the ribbon. Likewise, you can reduce the font size in the word section and it doesn’t affect the export, or just size up before you submit.”

Sitters can also free up more space by hiding the tiles next to the resources on the left-hand side of the screen, while you are not using them.

There also seem persistent problems with copying formulae in the spreadsheet.